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Business Management Software Internationally Acclaimed #1 Since 1997
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MusicSoft Business Management Software

MusicSOFT is the leading music school software for music teachers, music stores, conservatories, and music departments with features for music lesson scheduling, music classes, retail sales and recurring billing for weekly lessons, monthly or semester billing and is used wherever software for the music industry is needed to increase productivity and organization of your business!

Scheduling: Schedule up to five rooms or teachers in MusicSOFT or add Additional Schedules when needed. Schedule private lessons, rehearsals, and repeat appointments with color codes for easy viewing!

Students: Sell a number of lessons with countdowns. View student status, instrument, teacher and Registration History. Schedule makeups & view wait lists. Compare enrollment numbers for past, present and future!

Music Store: Sell any retail item with full inventory control features. Scan and print bar code labels. Alerts help keep items in stock. Print receipts and invoices. Add an electronic cash drawer, scanner and receipt printer!

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Power Your Business Further Than Ever Before!

MusicSOFT is accessible to an individual teacher up to a large music school and our pricing feature to feature cannot be beat. With international users in more than fifty countries and many 1000's of users in the USA and Canada, music teachers and music school owners can be assured they have cutting-edge technology at their fingertips with our unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Marketing: Print address labels, letters, postcards, name tags, birthday greetings and send bulk email. Track repertoire studied, performance dates and use Daily Reminders to eliminate no-shows when schedules change!

Income Tracking: Every payment and purchase can be analyzed with Financial Reports by date or date range including sales tax. Set up family accounts with recurring billing with past due alerts, and print billing statements!

Rentals: MusicSOFT comes with a Rentals feature so you can rent instruments. Instantly see what instrument is out and a due date. Include option to buy and charge rental deposits!

Attendance: Check-in students with past due and renewal alerts, messages and countdowns. Print ID Cards from MusicSOFT or use Key Tags with logo & bar code -Attach to instrument case for easy check-in!

MusicSOFT is famous for its user-friendly interface. Some software vendors charge up to four times as much for their software. Save Money & Time with MusicSOFT. Join 1000's of satisfied customers worldwide who profit with Online River Software and start using MusicSOFT today!

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Features Include
Lesson Scheduling
Labels, Emails, Letters
Accounts & Billing
Financial Reports
ID Cards
Staff, Phonebook, Events
Inventory Control
Custom Reports
Point of Sale

Our Customers Say
"Thanks to MusicSOFT, we always know when a family owes for the next session. The front desk check-in feature is great for payroll!"

-Jenny W.

"I was referred to Online River Software by a friend of mine who has fifty students. Both of us appreciate the lesson tracking features of MusicSOFT!"

-Lilly B.

"Our student body has definitely grown since we became modernized and purchased equipment and software from you. May I just say thank you!"

-Tony B.

"While we like many of MusicSOFT's features, we are completely dependent on the Rentals feature as we rent instruments to other schools as well!"

-Michael Z.

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